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Monday, October 29, 2012

How can we find a cure for cancer?  Why isn't this discussed more in politics?


  1. The government can take money from the taxes people pay and give it to cancer research centers so that they can look more closely at what causes cancer and how they can prevent it.

    It isn't discussed more in politics because they are more focused on other things like energy,health care,military,and job creation.
    Maddy Levin.

  2. We can find a cure for cancer by finding out what causes it.
    We could find out what causes cancer by having the government pay for more research so scientists can find a cure for cancer. Will Grischo

  3. One way to cure cancer is to make a new medical treatment

    julyan dorado

  4. To cure cancer we will need a scientist that can create a antidote with a powerful molecule to beat cancer.Brayden.

  5. To find a cure for cancer, scientist's can send out researches to go out into the rain forest to look for a plant or something to help people with cancer.
    Rebecca :)

  6. To cure cancer the goverment can use the taxes money to cure cancer.