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Monday, April 29, 2013

IXL Mastery List : Unit 11

Start working NOW towards your goal!

Geo Solids P.5

Volume P.22

Weight N.1

Probability V.2

Decimals T.3

Your GOAL is to receive a rating of GOOD or above all on all 5 sections.  We will be covering all of these topics the next two weeks in class, use these sections to build your background knowledge and extend your learning.

Your GOAL is to complete all 5 sections by Friday May 10th


  1. So we have 11 days to do it? - Margo

  2. To add on to what Margo said,how many days do we have.Is it 11 days?

    Carmel Thompson:D

  3. I was wondering mrs miller, is the sections you posted on the blog the I.X.L mastery sheet?

    Carter Hoops :)